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Who am I?

Lifelong Learner. Daughter. Afakasi (half Black/Samoan). Big Sister. Linguist. Educator. Wife of a Commissioned Corps Officer in the U.S. Public Health Service. Ph.D. Certified Coach. Dissertation & Academic Writing Coach. Founder of an award-winning education consultancy, Edlinguist Solutions. Mother of two wonderfully curious boys. Co-Founder of BlackLinkedIn is Thriving, the only digital space created in Clubhouse featured twice in Forbes. Cardiac Arrest Survivor. Award-Winning Author of Me Power. Pacemaker-Powered Peloton Rider. Thriving with Heart Failure (Dilated Cardiomyopathy).

What is Me Power?

Me Power is my first book, a redefinition of “empower,” and a clarion call urging us to unlock our limitless power of positive change.

You might wonder why “empower” needs to be redefined. Have you ever thought about what empowerment means? It’s a popular term without a clear definition. Most of the time, we hear it used in conjunction with a particular social problem, such as women’s empowerment, Black empowerment, economic empowerment, or employee empowerment. Without looking up each definition, we can assume they all relate to overcoming structural barriers, given the population’s need “to be” empowered somehow.

I have written more about how it’s one of the most misused words in the 21st century here, where you can download the first two chapters of Me Power for free. Here’s the synopsis: Traditional definitions of empowerment are disempowering, in a way, because they denote giving someone else power or authority.

Me Power is an energetic force that comes from within. We cannot wait on other people to give it to us; instead, we create it and control its flow by the way we think, act, and interact with the world around us.

Knowledge of Self + Principled Action = Me Power 

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Let’s Activate (Our) Me Power

Me Power challenges a popular, taken-for-granted concept with over 1.2 billion Google searches daily and illustrates how even small changes can have a considerable impact.

Join us! Connect with new folks, share your stories and experiences, and be part of a growing community of people who share your interests. You choose.

Connect with people who support you and your endeavors. Share your story in a Me Power Profile and be featured in our community, like Cheryl Rich. Gain perspective from others without the distraction of ads or any commitment on your part.

Collectively, we have more power than we think. It’s time to recognize your power within. Your inner strength is generative, and the best of you will make an impact that reverberates in the world within and around you.

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LaNysha Adams, PhD

Award-winning Author of "Me Power." Learning Success Strategist partnering with senior leaders to create internal tools for empowerment & engagement. Founder, Edlinguist Solutions.